Balustrading and Parapet Screening

Balustrading and Parapet Screening
A coping supported by turned balusters or pierced panelling can be used to create elegant perimeters, balconies and terraces. At McMillan & Holder we turn, mason, supply and install balustrade and pierced screening for use in period/ neoclassical architectural projects. We offer the best standards of craftsmanship with the ability to provide prices in natural stone comparable with concrete cast competitors.
A balustrade is a row of small columns topped by a rail, and interestingly the term is derived from the form’s vertical vase-like posts, which are called balusters. The term was coined in 17th century Italy for the item’s resemblance to blossoming pomegranate flowers (which are ‘balaustra’ in Italian).
Beautiful Shropshire sandstone balustrade
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