Hearth Stones

Hearth Stones
At McMillan Masonry we work with all of the principle quarries of the United Kingdom and are in eager contact with all of the smaller and regional quarries too.
Every stone chimney piece is mounted upon a stone hearth. Whilst historically, in many instances the hearth matched the stone used to mason the surround, it was also common to use a different stone for the hearth.
In the case of traditional open fire grates, the hearth would need to offer greater heat resistant whilst lowering the soot and ashes maintenance.
Consequently our stone masons can design and source any hearthstone that is right for your interior design theme. Whilst we support our UK slate, limestone and sandstone quarries, there is a vast array or marbles, slates, quartz, basalts and granites from further afield.


All of our surrounds and hearths can be carved in bespoke sizes – Please call us and ask for a quote on 01694 245060