Montgomeryshire war memorial

Montgomeryshire war memorial
In 2018 McMillan & Holder were commissioned to undertake considerable repairs to the monument. Including the replacement of large curved ashlar blocks supporting the structure in Portland limestone. Templating and recarving the letters to the Glorious Dead. It was an honour to be involved and a spectacular view from the top. The scaffolders groans carrying the scaffold up the hill is a memory we will also cherish.
The Montgomeryshire County War Memorial, located on the summit of Town Hill, south-west of the town of Montgomery, stands tribute to commemorate those from Montgomeryshire who have been killed in all past wars. It was originally constructed to honour those having died in the First World War, but has since been rededicated.
Built in form of a Doric column from Portland lime stone, the memorial was completed in 1923 and is just over 20 feet tall.
The Memorial’s initial inscription reads in English: “To the glorious memory of the brave men of Montgomeryshire who fell in the great war 1914-1919″ with a Welsh translation on another side. Supplemental inscriptions to those who ‘gave their lives’ in the Second World War were added later.
It is a listed building.