At McMillan & Holder we have worked with our clients and architects to craft natural stone porticos, rotundas, loggias and columns for over 20 years. McMillan & Holder’s design and stone masonry workshop has become the respected destination for where master craftsmanship meets the most competitive prices in the UK.

Portico Collection



Uncompromising on quality and craftsmanship, we take pride in offering the best value for natural architectural stone in the UK. Our team of highly skilled stonemasons combines traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology to deliver porticos made to the highest standards at prices comparable with concrete cast.

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At McMillan & Holder, we take immense pride in being at the forefront of supplying, carving, and installing breathtaking natural stone porticos across the UK. Our passion for crafting architecture out of natural stone comes from our experience working on Cathedrals, Castles and in Classical Architecture. It is this sincere connection to the material, the design and the precision that drives us.


Our natural stone porticos exude an unparalleled charm, adding a touch of grandeur to any property. With an extensive range of premium-quality materials, our artisans bring out the true essence of each stone, producing bespoke porticos that elevate the aesthetics of any building facade.
We offer a size and style of portico to suit new build developments, period homes and self-build projects. Our clients, looking for porticos / columns, range from house builders and commercial developers, to private house builds, self-builds and garden projects.
Our close-knit, family based team, understand excellence whatever the scale, size, scope and budget of a project. 
In the ever-growing landscape of new build housing in the UK, McMillan & Holder stands tall as your trusted partner. Our vast experience in collaborating with developers and builders enables us to understand the logistics of a busy building site and deadlines. We integrate our delivery and installation of porticos into and within those demands.
Our natural stone porticos exude charm, adding a gravity and bearing to any property. With an extensive range of premium-quality materials, our porticos will elevate the aesthetics of any building facade. 
We love every aspect of portico design. We are hugely passionate about providing excellence in the masoning and installation of our porticos. As Cathedral masons we are experienced in installing stone to the very highest standards because we are amongst those that set the standards. We regularly play an advisory role in this regard to commercial developers and specialist architects.