Rowles Fine Art Gallery

Rowles Fine Art Gallery
McMillan & Holder were commissioned to undertake extensive renovations to a shop frontage in the medieval Shropshire market town of Ludlow.
The Rowles brothers, who own the property, wanted a window on the world which would showcase their extensive collection of 19th to 21st century British and European paintings, bronzes and sculptures. Working with Moss Co. a prominent firm of architects, they created the vision of a quality natural stone frontage in a clean and formal style.
Detail was achieved in the recessed window reveals and recessed fielded panel in which the shop name would be mounted. Also each pilaster was crowned with a triglyph which is the architectural term for the vertically channelled tablets of the Doric frieze. The masons were posed with the problem of cladding the building in relatively thin but also large substantial stone panels and the inherent structural considerations resulting as a necessary consequence. This was overcome by the introduction of stainless steel reinforcing bars which were carefully rebated and glued into the back of each stone panel. This allowed us to meet the architect’s and the client’s cosmetic wishes whilst at the same time fulfilling our responsibility to work to safe structural practices.
We were fortunate enough to receive an award for local craftsmanship by the Ludlow heritage awards advisory committee. “The project has been judged to be exemplary in terms of preserving and enhancing the character of the Ludlow Conservation Area. The use of both modern and traditional building materials and repair technology coupled with high quality craftsmanship upholds the best traditions of construction in this unique town.”